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Babies Reading Development

What can you do to help your BABY in the beginning steps

towards being an excellent reader?Usborne Alphabet Book

  • Talking, singing and playing build solid pre-language skills -- touch and eye contact are important.                  

  • Books the baby can chew on and play with make him comfortable with books

  • As the baby get older and rougher with books give them magazines to explore.  My daughter used to sit and turn the pages of the phone book for fun.

  • Baby games and activities teach babies how to use and understand language   see book

  • Help her develop a love for language and reading with silly repetitious sounds.

  • Read Board Books and point to the pictures and talk about them. When they are old enough ask them to point to things.  Touchy Feely Books are especially wonderful in getting the child to interact with the book.

  • Usborne Word BookBath Books are not only great for the bath but also for the high chair during meal times.  Easy clean-up means a messy baby can still enjoy a book.

  • Don't "read" longer than the baby can handle it.  Make book time fun so they associate good things with reading time.

  • Try to read at least three books a day, even when you think the baby doesn't get it.  Read the same books over and over.  Studies have shown that even infants enjoy hearing their mothers read the same story many times.

  • Babies quickly know the voices of their parents and other caregivers.  When you read to them they begin to associate books with what they love most, being held and loved by the special people in their lives.  It forms a special bond.

  • Playing Music, especially nursery rhymes 

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