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Learn More with Usborne Internet-Linked Books

Internet-linked books are amazing.  Each book is full of fascinating information and the fabulous photos and illustrations you expect in Usborne Books.  But there is so much more when you check out the internet links. You can expand your resources tremendously with  links that have been researched by Usborne staff.

You can access websites thru an Usborne portal called quicklinks.  Usborne will continuously monitor recommended websites for any inappropriate content change or discontinued web pages and substitute new websites when necessary.

There are currently more than 200 Usborne Internet-linked books with more coming.  Each book has a short description of what the reader can find and do on the recommended Web site.  

There are many other resources too, like downloadable pictures, music and sound files, puzzles, quizzes, video and more.  These titles are a great resource for the family library.  See all titles here.


Check out these sample internet sites from some of our best-selling internet-linked books.

Internet Linked History Encyclopedia

  Explore Egyptian Temples


  General introduction to life in medieval Europe, with lots of online activities.


Children's EncyclopediaWatch animations of earthquakes

  Also visit websites about everyday life for children in the Second World War, what it is like to be the president for a day, information and stories about the 52 states and much more.




Astronomy & Space book from usborne-books.com

  Daily predictions of objects in the night sky


   A fascinating introduction to black holes.





Science Encyclopedia with internet links   More than 1000 internet sites to complement a must-have family resource for first grade  through high school.


  A game to learn about friction from NOVA


   Explore the physics of tennis with an online activity and discover how different forces affect a tennis ball.

Learn about genetics by breeding some virtual squeaky mice. (Click on "Launch Gizmo", wait for the site to load, then scroll down and click on "Simple MouseHouse" then "Advanced MouseHouse". You can try one free Gizmo per day.)   Make virtual pickles online and discover how salt is used in the pickling process.