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Literacy for a Lifetime

 A Grant Matching Program

Sponsored by Usborne Books & More/Educational Development Corp


 · 85% of children in the juvenile court system cannot read.


· Over 70% of adult prison inmates cannot read above a 4th grade level


·Spurred by the undeniable and shocking statistics that show a direct correlation between crime, the prison population and illiteracy, Usborne Books/ Educational Development Corporation is partnering with businesses, organizations and individuals to provide more books to kids.


· One of the national poverty indicators is having less than 25 pieces of printed material in the home.

· Literacy for a Lifetime offers a 50% matching grant in books for every dollar contributed. For example, a $10,000 donation is matched with an additional $5,000 and the organization of your choice receives $15,000 in educational materials for their use.


· States where homes have more reading materials

generally have higher reading proficiency.

· Literacy for a Lifetime can be used as often as donations become available, has no cap on the amount that can be donated and is tax deductible.

· 75% of unemployed adults have reading or writing difficulties.

· 90% of welfare recipients are high school dropouts.

· The receiving organization has full control over the selection of books.

· When inmates learn to read, only 15% of them are ever arrested again.

Who are Potential Recipients?

· Schools & Libraries
· Head Start Programs
· Non-Profit Organizations
· Educational & Literacy Programs
· Nurseries
· Hospitals
· Areas affected by natural disasters


Changing the World ...... 1 Child at a time ..... with books.


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