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Usborne Consultants at the beach


We are a team of Usborne Consultants who share a common goal of representing a wonderful, educational product and having fun doing it.  We represent hundreds of consultants all over the country.  We've gone from ten supervisors to more than 50 in five years.  Dream Builders are TEAM BUILDERS.  See beach 09 pictures here.


We have an annual beach training in Clearwater, FL for supervisors.  At our recent Training we had 35 supervisors spending the weekend together for a period of intense training and sharing 

Beach Training is an intensive weekend of living, eating, learning and playing together in an effort to share business building strategies and ideas.  The supervisors work as a team throughout the year to assure we provide the very best downline training.


Usborne Consultants at Convention

We also build our unity at the Usborne Books at Home national convention, usually held in June. While we network with other team members and have friendships outside our group, we use the convention as a time to recognize the individual achievements of our team members at a group meeting and dinner. 


Dream Builders ROCK!!


Peter Usborne at Convention


Usborne Consultants training for success








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